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The most primal of human concerns is our singular or collective survival. We are blessed with a beautiful planet that rotates roughly 1,000 miles per hour as it circles our star the Sun. It is filled with vast oceans, majestic mountains, expansive deserts, endless forests and woodlands. Our shared home produces climates with temperature ranges from 136 Fahrenheit to -126 Fahrenheit and a wild mix of natural processes including; volcanos, hurricanes, tornadoes, torrential rains, earthquakes and floods, droughts, ice storms and blizzards just to name a few. We happen to be the right distance from the sun for us not to burn up and at the same time have drinking water, fresh air to breathe and God-given sources of food. Earth is cool !!! It is also filled with various insects, animal and plant species on land, in the air and sea. 


Survival at its roots is our ability to by any means necessary whenever, and whatever situation you find yourself in anywhere in the world to sustain your wellbeing by creating shelter, obtaining clean water, acquiring food while maintaining a safe core body temperature.


The BlackOutdoorsMen offer basic to advanced level survival content useful in the backyard, camping, manmade, natural disasters or in places of warfare and civil unrest where danger may be imminent but staying safe and alive is paramount. 

The BlackOutdoorsMen do not promote or present violent content but rather information designed to help people experience and learn these vital skills. The knowledge gained makes the difference between really having to rough it out or waiting for help that may not be accessible and the ability to thrive wherever you find yourself. Although many techniques borrow from military methods and applications, we provide them in hope they may be the difference between your survival and loss when the odds are against you, your family, your neighborhood, your town or our country.

We are so much stronger together than apart in life and there is more we have in common than divides us. 

Just one reason we feel compelled to share this wealth of knowledge. Earth is cool, but easily capable of taking us down if we are not strong enough, smart enough, and possess the creativity and confidence in our ability to take care of ourselves in dire situations.


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