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The “Black OutdoorsMen” originated from a men’s church fellowship envisioned 6 years ago.  It was  designed to teach outdoor and survival skill-sets to the men of the church. The annual events were purposely structured around fathers and sons, guardian-sponsored youth, and adult men of the congregations of multiple churches from up and down the eastern seaboard. 

These events were full weekend operations that provided each participant immersion training in things necessary to keep their family and friends safe during a catastrophic event such as, but not limited to, a major hurricane, earthquake, major flooding, major winter event, or a grid down scenario in our area.

In addition, we recognized that not all men may have had the benefit of knowledgeable fathers, mentors, or people placed in their paths to learn these skill-sets. Over the years we planned and executed these operations at various locations suitable for all our activities. It did not take long for the women and young ladies of the congregations to voice their desire to be included or receive the same immersion training designed for them as well.

Various Team & Personal Confidence-Building

Field Events included:

  • Rescue Scenarios

  • Archery

  • Marksmanship

  • Races  

  • Feats of strength & endurance

  • Tug of War

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  • Creation of fire in wet, cold, and deteriorating conditions

  • Locating, collecting, and purification of drinking water

  • Land Navigation and Orientation using map and compass, etc.

  • Basic Rope, Repelling, and Ascent techniques

  • Bushcraft

  • Shelter building, the use of common and field expedient materials, and scavenging

  • Basic Patrolling and Observation

  • Camouflage and Concealment

  • Firearms Safety Training

  • Introduction to Handguns

  • Introduction to Shotguns

  • Introduction to Rifles

  • Introduction to Bow and Arrow

  • Introduction to CrossBow

  • Introduction to Axe, Hatchet, Baton, Saw, and Knife

  • Edge Sharpening

  • Introduction to Fishing, Crabbing, and Trapping

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The Black Outdoorsmen is a (unifying and inclusive) operation made of great people who seek to provide everyone with great and fun outdoor learning experiences.

Our mission is to inspire confidence, improve knowledge, and ignite an experience, in people of all nationalities, colors and economic situations. 


We are also focused on showcasing the unknown sportsmen.  Many are friends and their friends, who have led extraordinary lives as sportsmen, mentors, and builders of the next generation of outdoorsmen. We as outdoorsmen stand on the shoulders of those who first took us out into the woods and waters, to campout, cookout, live off the land and enjoy but respect the dominion God gave man over all creatures. We have the responsibility to model safe and ethical outdoor behavior to those who look to us for knowledge and guidance.

As we instruct we also learn from our students (and their unique perspectives) as well. Teaching isn’t a one-way street. There is always so much more for us to learn from one another.“qui docet discit” is a Latin expression meaning – “He Who Teaches Learns”. The big idea here is to be a very strong source of clean, all-inclusive, relatable and useful information and learning.

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The 5 areas we plan to share our knowledge and ideas are:

  1. Family oriented outings structured around children’s outdoor activities

  2. Fishing knowledge and experience

  3. Hunting knowledge and experience

  4. Simple Survival and Bushcraft knowledge and experience

  5. Firearms safety, knowledge, and experience

The Targeted audiences are:

  • Single parents (seeking outdoor engagement activities for kids) 

  • Families (seeking outdoor knowledge and experiences)

  • New and novice outdoorsmen and sportsmen (seeking outdoor knowledge and experiences)

  • Anyone we can inspire to live a fun life in the outdoors and come home safe





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