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Firearms can be quite a controversial subject.

No matter how we as a nation have arrived where we are with legal, safe and ethical gun ownership by most of our citizens, or the current level of illegal firearms acquisition and criminal possession; we are where we are, like it or not. Whether a person is pro-gun or anti-gun in their political views or in financially supporting or defunding various organizations, the facts are that the U.S. is and has been a nation of gun culture beginning from colonization to western expansion, the civil and world wars, global conflicts of modern day, TV, movies, vast multimedia content and games. 


The “Gun Genie” is out of the bottle, leaving “Firearms Knowledge and Gun Safety” as the most powerful tool for all citizens starting with our youth living in this reality. It is our position that because these tools which can be used for good or bad, currently permeate our world, gun safety begins with firearms knowledge. Whether you are a gun owner or want nothing to do with them, your knowledge of them will serve you well still. Unfortunately, our world is at war 24 hours every day at some location, people everywhere can find themselves in contact with firearms at any time whether they intend to or not. It is at these times that what they do next can be most critical to their life, the lives of their families/friends or the innocent lives around them. 


The best intentions of an untrained individual can take life the same as an intentional act of animosity or simple recklessness. We all can benefit from at least a basic understanding of what to do even when we simply find a firearm or a friend or bystander finds one. This begins with training of youth in the basic protocol they should follow and what NOT to do in such situations. Training in these areas of survival is proven to save lives! 

Firearms are inanimate objects until we humans acquire them, add ammunition, chamber a round and cause them to fire in a safe or unsafe direction. There are many steps taken to make a conscious decision to fire in any situation; single point failures are often caused by ignorance and lack of firearms knowledge that leads to an accidental or deadly discharge of firearms. The BlackOutdoorsMen's content is designed around how to safely handle firearms, to include the selection and recommendations of accessories for safety, hunting and sporting applications.


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