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Like any other sport or activity there are many reasons people will participate and also reasons why many do not.

As for hunting these reasons are well known: Hunting involves the studying, seeking, pursuing, and attempted harvesting of wild animals and birds called “game” with the safe and ethical use of firearms or archery equipment as the primary tools.  

We BELIEVE in these “good” reasons for Hunting:

  • It has proven to be a great conservation tool to provide funding for wildlife management to include game and nongame species through licensing, state and federal taxes as well as taxes on ammunition and miscellaneous sporting goods. 

  • Population control can also be achieved by the setting of game quotas for specific species based on biological research and field study. This prevents these animals; from exceeding the carrying capacity of the land they inhabit.  

  • There is unquestionable economic value in hunting delivered to all areas where it takes place by boosting the revenue of local businesses that hunters patronize.

  • By providing a legal, safe way of harvesting game with rules that are fair and most importantly enforced with fines and penalties for violators; poaching is greatly reduced.

  • The original reason since man existed is the sourcing of your own food, the connection to the land, memorable trophies that last a lifetime, fun and challenges experienced only by lessons outdoors in nature.

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  • Immorally and mindlessly taking the life of any living creature.

  • Intentionally trying to commercialize or exploit one’s hunting privileges by illegally selling game. By placing a monetary value on wildlife for reasons of profit reveals one of the historical reasons why many animal species/game or otherwise have become endangered or even gone extinct.

Our Hunting Content:

We plan to only offer content intended to be informative and instructive in skill-sets and that are ethical, legal, and otherwise the “right-thing-to-do” morally while hunting afield including respect for landowners and the non-hunting public. 


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