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The most prominent feature of our planet is water; it is also the most abundant source of life. 

Learning to catch the safe and edible sources of food from waters of the world is a practice that has continued ever since the first person pulled a fish from the water.


The methods used to do this are far too numerous for any one person to know or experience in a lifetime. There are also many types of bodies of water; ocean and sea salt waters, fresh water at sea, great and smaller lakes, ponds, creeks, rivers, bays, ice, wetlands and falls.


We will attempt to provide fishing content that speaks to those new and willing to become fishermen and to the average fisherman. We may even perhaps offer a new trick or two to the experienced fisherman. 

Starting with the acknowledgment that no one knows it all, we hope to share our version of fishing knowledge, experiences and how-to expertise.

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In addition, we aim to encourage first time parents and families new to fishing to educate themselves about this exciting sport, licensing, regulations, and locations in their area, bait and tackle choices, safe handling and processing of fish to include various techniques. 


Because fishing, water, boats and knives all tend to end up coming together we seek to offer safety as a standard and integral part of our content as well as advice on interactions with fellow fishermen and mariners.



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