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The name “The Black OutdoorsMen” extends from a lifetime of outdoor knowledge as black outdoorsmen in Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana, Delaware, Maryland, Florida, Alabama, Michigan, and experiences up and down the eastern seaboard and Jamaica West Indies. We have hunted a large variety of game species, fished offshore, inshore, and in many lakes, rivers and streams. We have worn many hats in the outdoor industry to include:  operation of gun shops, training organizations where specialized customer education and outfitting in firearms, muzzleloading, archery, fishing and boating, and sporting goods of all types.  It is because of this we have firsthand knowledge of the following:

Having seen the true realization of just how many people of color also love the outdoors with great love and respect, we noticed quickly how much of the outdoor industry has rarely showcased this huge part of our society as avid and extremely knowledgeable outdoorsmen. There are many manufacturers whose products and services have historically been purchased and widely used by this rarely, if ever, recognized part of the outdoorsman community in their marketing and media.

Throughout the U.S. we have gone through, and are still going through, many things that make it easy to give up on this great nation, but that is not our outlook. We believe in God and that He is in control of all things according to His word and His will. We still believe in America as a country full of wonderfully good people, many of whom love the outdoors and being outdoors with friends and family. There is also a good portion of Americans who have never experienced the outdoors and the outdoor lifestyle. Many have hang-ups and fears as well as beliefs in what is simply disinformation and myths. It is also our belief that there is more that we good Americans and people of the world have in common than the things that divide us.



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